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The museum is designed for self guided tours, so take your time and browse through this extensive collection, including replicas of vintage service stations - White Rose, Red Indian, Imperial Esso, North Star, Prairie City Oil and B/A.


The museum also features a re-creation of Marilyn's General Store fully stocked with products from the past.


A photo wall has pictures of antique vehicles from members of the Manitoba Classic and Antique Auto Club which Vivienne and Jim Pearn were members of for many years.


Browse our fascinating collection of enamel signs, double and single vision gas bowsers, oil and fuel cans, hub caps, license plates, service station uniforms, antique vehicles and much much more!

Jim's Vintage Garages Boutique

T-shirts - $20.00

Baseball caps (black) - $20.00

Key chains - $4.00

Chamois - $3.00

Postcards - $1.00


Guided tours are offered all year long.  Special arrangements can be made for group tours.  Senior and school groups are welcomed and group rates are available, call 204-889-3132 Ext. 4 or email

Board of Directors


Rob Nowosad, Chairperson

Shane Kohler, Vice Chairperson

Clinton Stuart, Treasurer

Nancy Eller, Secretary, Curator, Webmaster


Committee Chairpersons and Responsibilities

Dennis Atamanchuk - General Duties and Support

John Bock - Tourism/Advertising

Richard Capri - Headingley Historical Society

John Davidson - General Duties and Support

Tom Dudych - General Duties and Support

John Ewing - General Duties and Support

Gary Farkas - General Duties and Support

Jeff Gill - General Duties and Support

Ellsworth Hay- General Duties and Support

Laurie Hunt - General Duties and Support

Ian James - General Duties and Support

Jeff McNaughton - General Duties and Support

Ross Metcalfe - Car Club Liaison/Display/Tours

Margaret Mills - Headingley Historical Society

Ross Smith - General Duties and Support

Larry Stuart - Tours/White Rose Garage


Heritage Centre Support and Representation

Tom Roche - Municipal Representative

Kathleen Low - Consultant/Advisory re: grants


Activity Booklet
Colouring Sheets
2021 Annual General Meeting
2020 Colouring Contest Winners
2020 Headingley Community Foundation Inc.

The Board wishes to thank the Headingley Community Foundation Inc. for their grant to purchase a colour printer, toner and rack cards to be used for promotional purposes.

2019 Annual General Meeting
Headingley Community Foundation Inc. 2019

The Board wishes to thank the Headingley Community Foundation Inc. for their grant to purchase a camera and bun warmer.

2018/2019 Community Support Small Grant Program - Province of Manitoba

The Board wishes to thank the Province of Manitoba for the new reception desk and table.  Also, thanks to Cunningham Business Interiors Ltd. for delivering and installing this furniture.

Headingley Community Foundation Inc. 2018

The Board wishes to thank the Headingley Community Foundation Inc. for their grant to purchase 1,000 rack cards and a wall mount literature holder.

IMG_1747 Jim's Vintage Garages Presentat
Headingley Community Foundation Inc. 2017

The Board wishes to thank the Headingley Community Foundation for their generous grant to purchase a concrete park bench placed by the front entrance to the museum.  Westwood Memorials engraved the granite plaque and Barkman concrete created and delivered the park bench as seen in the pictures below.  The park bench will ensure tourists and visitors have a comfortable spot to sit and enjoy the prairie view.

New Technology

The Board wishes to thank Manitoba Community Services Council Inc. for their generous grant to help purchase new t.v.'s and stands for the six gas station displays.  Also, thanks to Advance Electronics for creating the Model A tire rim stands.  The last picture in this gallery shows the 1932 tire rims in their original condition.


The Board wishes to thank Grade twelve student, Chloe Roberts from College Sturgeon Heights Collegiate.  She is an IB Art student and repainted the mannequin heads.  Here are some samples of her incredible artwork.

Museum Shop Sign

The Board wishes to thank the Manitoba Museum for this neon sign and the staff at Mikkelsen Coward for its installation in the museum shop.

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